List of some of the residential capabilities
we provide:

  • Bridges
  • Bridge Rehab
  • Culverts
  • Roads & Roadways
  • Storm Drain & Piping

DC Hudson provides comprehensive solutions and offers a wide range of infrastructure development for the transportation industry - roads, highways and bridges; also in the the management of storm water, waste water and drainage systems.

We take great pride in the work we perform and continually look for ways to better ways in which to serve our customers. We are result-oriented and have the experience and know-how to complete any job safely, on time and within budget.

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Infrastructure Contractor
  • Bridges

    We design and build a vast multitude of bridge structures. Including steel beam, concrete beam, timber deck, concrete decks, small pedestrian, golf cart bridges to driveway bridges and all the way on up to large DOT structures.
  • Bridge Rehabilitation

    As counties and shift their work toward more intense bridge rehabilitation our experienced, well trained and efficient crews, we can perform structural rehabilitation of bridge elements. This includes superstructure, concrete pavement patching, concrete repairs, diamond grinding, concrete bridge deck overlays, steel repairs, jacking and bearing replacement, joint replacements, structural steel coatings, and we also take into account environmental considerations.
  • Culverts

    With our over 30 years of experience, we have the capacity, competence, and qualifications to provide Project Management in the area of Concrete and Steel Structures; specifically in the area of Bridges, Culverts and Retaining Walls and Pre-cast (on-site and off-site).
  • Roads & Roadways

    Experienced in the construction of multi-purpose roads for private and light transportation roadways we can and provide a variety of reconstruction and road rehab services. This includes concrete repairs and restoration for concrete surfaces that are spalling, cracked, delaminating, structure failure and concrete barriers, guard rails and handrails.
  • Storm Drains & Piping

    We can install and replace inadequet or deteriorated stormdrains and pipe improvements. This includes, drop inlets, piping, detention basins, relocating water and wastewater lines and complete sewer structures.
  • Water Shed Management

    We have helped our clients reduce the impacts of erosion & creek bank scouring by developing solutions for reclaiming property and creating a protective shield. We can also help to regulate activities for soil conservation, protect waterways and wetlands, and resolving drainage issues affiliated with initial poor design or added hydrology from additional construction.

D.C. Hudson

For over 30 years, founder and owner Daniel Hudson has performed work in several specialized areas of the construction industry, all focused around concrete and steel structures.

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